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22 CRAZY VINES (That Don't Exist) 0    0

Bloopers & Deleted Scenes: Check out our "If It Were Real" Saga: We don't have a Vine account. But if we did, this is what ...

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How To Survive A Horror Movie! 0    0

Are you afraid of Horror movies? Learn how to survive a horror movie and you'll be able to survive watching one! Check out my 2nd Channel for bloopers/behind-the-scenes and vlogs:

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How To Make Vaporwave 0    0

HOW TO MAKE VAPORWAVE? WHAT IS MEME MUSIC? ARE YOU A MEME? Is it pronounced me me? Did u ever play that one game on Windows ME? How to make Seapunk? Listen to my MUSIC. F...

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How to hack your iPhones GPS without jailbreaking it 0    0

Several of you have had issues performing the GPS spoof / hack with iPhone 7 and Sierra, so I did an updated video reviewing the GPS hacking process. Hopefully this clears it up for you, please let m...

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