Super Mario Maker - HOW TO REMOVE CHEESE! - Tutorial [Part 3]


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Learn how to REMOVE CHEESE from your levels in Mario Maker!
This tutorial will help you remove mistakes in your level and eventually de-cheese it!

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Every day while playing Super Mario Maker, I see common mistakes in levels that allow them to be cheesed (cheated) and easily beaten.
By following the steps in this video, you will start to learn best practices when building levels in order to make them rock solid and eventually cheese proof!

CHEESE is basically when a player beats a section or a level in a way that was not intended by the creator. In other words, this video is protecting against "cheating" in Mario Maker!

●- TIPS -●
1. Protect against Weird (Lanky) Mario jump abuse.
2. Use the correct boot/stiletto. Big stilettos are over-powered!
3. Make doors and pipes one-way using stacking and one-way gates.
4. Protect against the note block and music block clipping glitch.
5. Don't put Yoshi eggs in pipes (protect against power-up progression).
6. Update: Don't put brick blocks, turn blocks, or question (?) blocks at the top of your level.
7. Don't allow players to get shellmets shot out of bill blasters.
8. Don't put a key in the wall that Yoshi can grab (SMW only).
9. Protect against item duplication when using reset doors (P-Switch, POW, Spring, etc.)
10. Don't allow the player to break your level with a fire Koopa clown car.
11. Don't put blocks/items at the bottom of your level that can be "flown" under.
12. Protect against item wall-jumping (NSMBU only).
13. Don't allow Yoshi in places he's not supposed to be (he can jump higher with the flutter in NSMBU).
14. Use one-way gates to force a reset on platforming sections.
15. Don't allow the player to spin jump on Thwomps.

Have any ideas for ways to remove cheese?

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