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  1. I shared with my friends on Facebook that most of the confessions here are from advertising hacks that had the creative flare of a pig fuck.

  2. I intentionally avoid learning web based design because I’d rather make less money enjoying dead print mediums for the rest of my life.

  3. My boss linked his email account to the company testing iPad and forgot to remove it. Reading his email has given me significant advantages in corporate politics ever since.

  4. People who send me links to collections of inspirational pieces of graphic design, like I couldn’t have found it myself. Please kill yourselves.

  5. I had a SVP of Sales insist our firm’s Creative Director and I take a meeting with his wholly eye-candy assistant because she “had some ideas” about our then current website initiatives. We humored him, and we took the meeting. For about five minutes, this barely articulate living Barbie doll dropped moronic idea after idiotic suggestion, the BEST of which were inextricably rooted in the ’90s. So, I asked her what qualified her to comment on the websites we’d designed and developed, to which she replied that she “took a class, once.” My head exploded, and I went off on her in a several minute rant before storming out.

  6. I’m a “writer” working in advertising. I’m afraid that one day I’ll pick up my head, Justin Bieber will be 50, and I’ll be getting fired as I finish writing yet another shitty Facebook post for a ham discount or something. My life will have been a waste.

  7. I stopped bullshitting peers on why I work on some things and ignore other things. One night out drinking I heard myself explaining to a colleague that “the truth is, I’m focussing on what my gut tells me is important”. I’ve since stolen that from my drunken self, cleaned it up, and successfully use it during office hours. I went from flaky to strategically focussed without changing a thing. It bothers me that this post is more than one sentence long.

  8. The massively egotistical real estate developer client asked to have the logo bigger — which, of course, is his last name. So I turned it on its side, vertically, and bled it off 3 sides of the pages, just to be a sarcastic dick. The client thought I was a genius.

  9. Told people I went into Online pharmacy store because that’s “where the money is”. Have to admit the word I’m looking for was “embarrassed”.

  10. I’m really not too busy, I just don’t want to design your kids birthday invitation, your wedding invitation, your husband’s company logo, your blog page layout, or any other stupid crap that you’ve hit me up to do for free because I’m your friend/relative. I smile and nod and say if only I had the time, when the truth is I’m thinking you’re a fucking freeloader who has no idea how much time and effort it takes to make something creative. Please refer to my hourly rate on the attached invoice, thanks.

  11. My job is to convince large corporations to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars producing ideas I thought of while pooping.

  12. I love to use stock photos of minorities in ad layouts just to watch clients nervously come up with awkward requests for “something different.”

  13. I submitted the same copy to my boss whenever he wanted it revised and every time he would say “well, this is obviously better than the first one you sent me”.

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