How to Delete Photos on Your iPhone




If you accidentally tagged a photo album as private, you can easily erase all the photos in it without having to delete the entire album. All you have to do is open up that photo album and click on “Remove Album”.

Sometimes we come across photos that we would like to erase. So, how do you easily erase all the photos you recently tagged?

Using the auto-delete option is a quick and easy way to erase all your recent tagged photos. This feature is available on Facebook and Twitter photo albums. It allows you to quickly remove all the photos that were added in the last few hours.

What is the Difference Between Deleting on iPhone and Trash Can on Computer?

On your iPhone, you can delete a photo by pressing on the thumbnail and hitting โ€œdeleteโ€ icon. However, on your computer, you have to go to the trash can in order to delete photos. This is because deleting photo on computer deletes the file while deleting a photo on iPhone just gets rid of its thumbnail.

It is quite easy for an iPhone user to delete photos from the trash can on their device. But sometimes, itโ€™s not as simple as deleting them from your phone. Here is a better explanation of the differences between these two options.

Delete on iphone: It will be erased permanently from your phone’s memory, and you won’t be able to recover it again.

Trash on computer: You will still be able to recover the photos by going into your recycle bin or moving it to another folder or external storage drive.

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5 Ways to Delete Photos in iPhone

If you are looking for a way to delete photos from iPhone without the risk of losing anything on your device, we have three easy ways for you to erase your memories. In this article, we will be covering three ways that can help with deleted or lost photos in iPhone.

With a quick swipe of the finger, you can delete photos from an iPhone easily. Here are the steps to do this as well as some tips for keeping your phone safe.

1) Tap on your home screen and then press the album that has the photo you want to delete.

2) Press on “Photos.” This will open up a list of all your photos and albums. Swipe left or right to view each photo in this album individually.

3) Find the photo you want to delete and tap on it once for Delete Photo or twice for Edit Photo.

4) Now tap on “Delete Photo” followed by Confirm Delete on the pop-up window that appears.

5) Tap on “Done” once again to confirm deletion of your photo from this particular album.

There are many reasons why you might wish to delete all or part of an album from your phone. You may want to remove old photos that you no longer need, or you may simply be clearing up space on your phone before taking a new one.

How to Delete Photos From the iPhone with an Alternative App

There are many apps available for the iPhone for deleting photos. One of them is “Delete Photo Albums”. It lets you delete photos from the iphone in a very straightforward manner.

The app is available through iTunes and it’s free to use. All you need to do is install the app and then open it. You can choose any photo album from your phone gallery and delete them from there by pressing “Delete” button.

The camera roll removal tool allows you to take out your phone’s storage space by removing all photos, videos, apps or anything else that might be taking up space on your device.

The camera roll can be the source of many unwanted photos on your iPhone. You might have a few that you want to delete, but don’t want to delete them from the camera roll because it will also delete all of your photos from the camera roll.