Best Mac Miller Posters for Fans

Mac Miller fans are well-aware that the late rapper left behind a large body of work. However, when it comes to his posters, not every fan has a copy of them in their collection.

After analyzing the data, we can conclude that there are multiple best Mac Miller posters for fans who have never been able to find them anywhere else. These six posters fall into this category and can be considered as the best Mac Miller poster for you if you are looking for one.

Who is Mac Miller?

Mac Miller was born Malcolm James McCormick on January 19, 1992 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. His family moved to a small town outside of Philadelphia when he was still a child. At the age of 15, he met friend and fellow producer Justin Long and began working on his music career. They released their first mixtape together in 2008 under the name Larry Fisherman. The project received local recognition, which led to the release of their debut studio album Blue Slide Park in 2011.

With his second album Watching Movies With The Sound Off (2013), he gained mainstream attention and was nominated for Best New Artist at the 2014 Grammy Awards. He has released five more albums since 2006: GO:OD AM (2013), Faces (2014), The Divine Feminine (2015), War

Mac Miller Poster Visual Shadow Art Poster

The art poster that has generated much buzz recently is the visual shadow of Mac Miller. This poster is a beautifully designed piece of art and it has been created by an artist called Gerald Powers.

The story behind this painting is that the artist was inspired by the song “Self Care” which was released by Mac Miller in early 2018 and he wanted to create something that would reflect it.

As soon as this artwork hit the internet, it became viral and it has been selling out in no time, even before its release on August 1st.

Swimming Album Cover Mac Miller Framed Poster Print

I found this cool picture of Mac Miller from his album, Swimming. The album cover is a handwritten poster with the lyrics.

It’s a great looking poster and I thought it would be fun to frame it for my office. Here are some fun facts about the artwork:

  1. The lyrics are written in different colors on the poster using different fonts and letters

  2. The design uses one of Miller's favorite colors, black

  3. The collage depicts artists who have influenced him throughout his career

Mac Miller Tiny Desk Concert, Art Print, Wall Art

Mac Miller’s Tiny Desk Concert is a live recording of his performance at the NPR Music office in 2017. It was recorded on a single microphone and has since been released on vinyl.

Art Print:

The art print is based on the iconic photo of Mac Miller performing at the NPR Music office, but it has been rendered in black and white to give it an otherworldly, timeless quality. The color palette is inspired by the old masters painters such as Rembrandt, Van Gogh and Degas.

Wall Art:

The art print is mounted to a black matte background with recessed framing.