Windows 10's Page Fault in Nonpaged Area Explained

Windows 10 has a new feature that has been causing concerns among users, the so-called "Page Fault in Nonpaged Area" error. This issue can happen when you run System File Checker (SFC) to scan for and repair system errors. SFC is an advanced tool that Microsoft previously recommended to use only with caution. It can replace corrupt or missing system files by downloading fresh copies from Windows Update.

This article explains the cause of this problem, how it fixes itself, and what you should do if you experience this issue.

What is a Nonpaged Area?

A nonpaged area is a region of memory that is not allocated to a process address space, but the processor can access the memory in this region. In Windows 10, it is called nonpaged region.

Nonpaged areas are basically used when we need large amounts of memory and we don't need to know which process owns the memory. This means that we cannot create a section of our program in which we allocate physical addresses and write to it.

Page Fault and Memory Corruption

Page faults are responsible for the most frequent crashes of an operating system. They are the result of programs trying to use too many resources at once or of an unforeseen event that causes changes to memory.

A page fault is when a program requests more resources than what is currently available in physical memory. These requests can be related to volatile data, such as the contents of a file, or non-volatile data, such as a piece of code that is currently running in memory. If this request cannot be fulfilled due to lack of available memory, then a page fault occurs. The information that has been requested from the storage device then has to be copied into physical memory and the requested data will not be available until this happens.

When will Windows 10 Start to Fail and Crash due to a Page Fault in the Nonpaged Area?

Windows 10 is a complex software, and it can fail due to a number of reasons. One of the most common reasons is a page fault in the nonpaged area which can be caused by a bug or hardware issue.

How to Fix Windows 10's Crash on Startup due to a Page Fault in the Non-Paged Area

The Microsoft Windows operating system has a peculiar bug that occurs when it crashes due to a page fault in the non-paged area.

In most cases, the crash occurs when the computer is being used for gaming.

To fix this problem, all you have to do is reinstall Windows 10 from scratch and set up your computer again.